Types and Flavours

Ice Cream for Everyone

Healthier, creamier and with all the flavour
In addition to the artisanal and daily elaboration of traditional ice cream, we also create Semifreddo (semi-frozen) desserts, Semifreddo cakes and bombettes in various flavours. We also have freshly-made shakes, shaved ice, and juices.

Milk Ice Cream

Traditional ice cream made daily with premium cow's milk. Additionally, we use the purest cream in all of them, known as "flor di latte", low in fat, more organic and therefore healthier, as well as organic ingredients.

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

We choose the highest quality, natural, organic fruit, another reason why you will always find your favourite fruit of the season in ice cream form. We only make it with water, natural fruit and fructose. That's why they are refreshing, creamy and full of flavour.

Organic Frozen Yogurt

We made some flavours with both cow's milk and rice milk for vegans and the lactose intolerant. Both share the same organic nature and have the same taste and creaminess which sets us apart. Served with fresh fruit and toppings!
Postres semifríos de helado artesano para llevar en Sevilla

Semifreddo (semi-frozen) Desserts

We make three types of Semifreddo (semi-frozen) desserts: the bombette (chocolate covered ice cream balls, also for vegans); Glass jars that are half ice cream and half mousse; and the Semifreddo cakes: sponge cake, organic meringue and fruit. Ideal for take away!
Helados artesanos para veganos y sin lactosa en Sevilla

Rice Milk Ice Cream

They are lighter and more delicate than traditional ice cream. We make them daily with premium rice milk and in a great variety of flavours. They are ideal for those who are lactose intolerant and vegans. Their texture and taste surprise everyone.
Granizados naturales hechos al momento

Shaved Ice and Bio Cocktails

We make our shaved ice on the spot with a base of freshly made artisanal ice cream with BIO and organic ingredients. Choose your favourite flavour and we will make it on command. We also have domestic BIO craft beer, cocktails and juices.

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Ice cream and healthy desserts for healthy people.

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